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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Then & Now

Contributor :  Arvind  Rao 

Then & Now

Then I was 25 – Now I am 50 !

Then, we had Yellow buses, driven by respectable uniform clad colleagues, following road rules, but still efficiently reaching their few destinations –

 Now, we have Yellow buses, from each nook and corner, driven by rash and uncouth persons, dressed in what is passed off as uniforms, terrorizing passengers and other road users and couldn’t care a damn if the passengers are delayed due to breakdowns.

Then, we had to write all important communications using duplicate or triplicate books and carbon paper. Documents that required multiple handling were made on tracing and blue-prints used for replication. All copies were securely and centrally filed, no job was ever complete till the paperwork was done! –

 Now, everyone names and saves their own folders, backs up their data first on their own hard disk, then onto a common folder and sometimes into some server –works on each copy in turn at different points in time, and each iteration remains with that copy – leading to a royal mess every time someone needs to search for an “original” “copy”.

Then, we had to do all calculations either with slide rules or calculators, double check everything before submission and own up to mistakes (however rarely they occurred) and went about correcting them, burning midnight oil if required 

 Now, we have computers and we blame them for our mistakes, go home on time and let the computers figure out and correct themselves.

Then, we had to walk uphill to canteen and back, queue for the buffet spread and had 40 minutes for lunch – on an average we finished the round trip in 20 – Now, we have elevators to the food court, are spoiled for choice by multiple counters to suit every palate and take average 85 minutes out of the allocated 35.

Then, we had few phones, big, black or monochrome plastic devices with dials and they were always answered on first ring by someone or another, no matter on whose table it was – 

Now, we have instant messaging, where we set status “away”, “busy” or “dnd” and smart phones that show the identity of the caller – so we can selectively choose what calls we answer, and unattended, ringing phones are always someone else’s problem !

Then, we had time for others, knew our colleagues littlest pains, shared the jubilations of everyone’s achievements, met socially and formally and generally got a lot more done in less time –

 Now, we know more about people we never spoke to in school and college due to facebook but have consultants hired by HR to teach how to get closer to colleagues and do all that we already did some years ago without any need for outside guidance.

Then, we were all one big happy family with healthy rivalry displayed on sporting fields, rarely spreading to the board rooms, performance reviews of individuals or businesses and ethics and values dearly upheld –

Now, we play games in the board rooms, prey on individuals under the guise of performance appraisals and sign papers proclaiming ethical behaviour while stabbing our venerable institution in the back at each available opportunity!

Then, we had people who could do the work of four – 

Now, we have people who create work for four. Then, we were Engineers Limited – Now are we limited engineers  ???

Oh! How I long for those 25 years back………..


Corporate  Culture  :

Hard working  /  High ethics and values  /  Family  feeling  /  Performance  pressure  /  Sharing triumphs and tribulations / High level of Efficiency / Prompt response /  Long working hours  /  Admission of  mistakes  /  Emphasis on last mile - no loose ends  /  Respect  for  rules  


  1. Very apt observation, but, that is the malaise of all, not only L & Tites but its universal. Advantages n disadvantages of the technology.

  2. Very apt observation, but, that is the malaise of all, not only L & Tites but its universal. Advantages n disadvantages of the technology.