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27 June 2013

Monday, 11 January 2016

Collect, Store and Recall

( Contributor : Kodam Narsaiah )


Collect, store and recall is that all required to be efficient and successful at work place, said Mr. S N Bhauraskar, my Boss, reporting to Mr. Kaushikkar in SPE (switchboard product engineering department)., when I joined SPE in 1970.

Mr. Kaushikkar, Mr S N  Bhauraskar, Mr R R Mahajan and Mr S K Malhotra (Mr R K Malhotra’s elder brother) had interviewed me and selected me.

I was then already employed then with BEST (Bombay Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking) as substation inspector.  Had I continued there, it would have been a far superior undertaking by now; alas it was not to be.

I was so impressed on the first day in SPE that every one was neatly dressed, shirts tucked in and few with neckties, speaking only in English, except on the shop floor.

I will tell you more in my next story, how I landed in L&T.

Now back to CSR ----

1.      Collect: Collect all sort of information by reading documents, drawings, reports, mails and, through conversations, observation etc.

2.      Store: Store the above information in proper order, subject wise, sequence etc, mostly mentally (?)

3.      Recall: This is very important activity to be efficient. You should be able to recall the information thus collected and stored, in the nick of time, while debating / presenting in a group discussion. It is of no use of recalling after the incident is over.

This is really a tough thing for many. 

Many times, you think that you have the information in your memory or in a file, but you are unable to recall. This can be very embarrassing and frustrating for you.

So, sharpen your memory, even at this stage, since CSR is applicable all along in life.


Corporate  Culture  :

To be always presentable and smart-looking  /  Premium on Efficiency /  Penchant  to  succeed 

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