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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A Director's Dilemma

( Contributor :  hcp  )

This incidence happened sometimes when I was DGM ( Personnel ) - 1972 / 1979

One morning , Mr S R Subramaniam ( SRS ) phoned me

After inquiring how the GET recruitment was progressing , he asked :

"  Parekh ,

Have we issued an appointment letter to one  Ajay  for position of GET ? "

I said :

" I don't remember offhand but let me find out and call you back "

I called up R N Saxena ( RNS ) , and inquired , who confirmed that we had indeed issued such an appointment letter to one Ajay

Typical of RNS ( whose ability to suspect / smell , any hanky-panky by the interviewers was simply unparalleled ) , he also told me the names of the interviewers and the details of the Assessment 

RNS added , 

" Sir,this boy has been selected on his own merits . There is nothing suspicious "

I phoned SRS and confirmed that we have issued an appointment letter to Ajay, although at the same time wondering why was SRS interested in this particular case

Next question from SRS :

" Parekh ,

Did you or anyone in Personnel Department , read the last para on this boy's green Application Form carefully ? '

Unable to fathom the mystery , I said ,

" I cannot be sure , but what seems to be the problem ? "


" In that last para , that boy has clearly mentioned that his father is a director in L&T . Are you aware of that ? "

Me :

" No , I am not . But how does that matter ? I want to assure you that none in my department , nor any of the interviewer , is aware of this declaration , nor has that influenced our selection , which is entirely on the merits "


"  I have no doubt about the integrity of your staff or of the interviewers . 

But the Company Act requires that , in the forthcoming AGM , we must get the L&T Shareholders to pass a resolution approving of Ajay's appointment in the Company , since his father is a director of the Company - and therefore , an interested party .

Now , you don't worry . I will take care of this formality "

I felt relieved but cautioned RNS , to ensure that all ( not only GET applicants ) application forms are carefully examined in future , from this angle

After a few days , SRS phoned me to say :

"  Parekh ,

Do you remember the case of GET appointment of Ajay ?

His father did not want any embarrassment for himself or for anyone of us , by a resolution in next AGM agenda

He has , himself , decided to resign his directorship in L&T , so that there is no nexus any more . Now there is no need for any AGM  resolution " 


Just one more example of L&T Values

One more example of what made L&T , a great place to work 

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