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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Respect among Peers

Respect  among  Peers

( Contributor ; BVR Murty )


Dear Sir,

Greetings from ITM, Kharghar

It is really heartening to read your blogs and archives.Your letters to all of us..

I have preserved few of your letters...

I tell my sons(both in USA) to read and understand the L&T way.They are still relevant even today.. 

I was in L&T - PSW -East Switch Boards factory..from 1978 to 2001. 

took  VRS .... am still active..am 65 + ..have another 2 years tenure as adjunct faculty..at ITM, Kharghar....

my wife retired as Vice-Principal of VES College of Commerce, Chembur..last year and enjoying retired life..

As told by many of L&T-ites....I  learnt a lot in terms of technical skills,training and communication..which has helped me to seamlessly migrate to teaching and mentoring..MBA students and executives..

am an active Rotarian ( RCMC,Vashi ),. 

we recently started BMA Navi Mumbai chapter to provide knowledge sharing and mentoring for students and BMA members in Navi Mumbai..

am also active member of a local music lovers group..involved in community projects..

Am pursuing my PhD in the area of Quality Management. 

this was inspired by last few years in L&T...we initiated many TQM , ISO and HR interventions while in L&T..those have helped me to articulate and share with students..as real live examples of best practices..

Above all..

I feel really pained to see the beautiful PSW East building giving way to residential/commercial..complex..

nostalgic memories of those working days spent..nice canteen..verdant surroundings..highly committed and intelligent work force....close bonding...

rare to see now in the current  rat-race..we had ..an average..contented life style..

I still remember when I met with a serious life threatening road accident in 1989....

all my colleagues..including Dr Panjwani..helped me to recover and L&T has provided compensation..

am always grateful to L&T and all colleagues.. 

we developed a unique frugal life style and saving culture..which has helped us to save and build assets for post retirement..and pass onto children..

All in all..it was memorable..experiential..and satisfying..tenure at L&T.. 

I always cherish..the moment I say..I worked for L&T..it generates lot of respect among..peers..

Hope  I have conveyed..pardon me for any errors or omissions..

Best of luck..and happy healthy retired life to one and all..


Prof B V Ramana Murty, M.Tech( I I T, Madras)

ITM B School, Kharghar,

Navi Mumbai-410210. Tel: 9322259210.

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