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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Farewell , dear Friends

Farewell ,  dear  Friends  !

(  Contributor  :  Anil  Choudhari  )


Dear L&Tites...Greetings.

Thanks to HR Shenoy for including me in this 100+ group of L&T ites. 

Thanks to HCP and others who are actively participating. 

HCP has special place in my heart as he was Powai GM when I managed shop floor and has witnessed difficult shop floor days of workmen union - power, money, murder, agreements and productivity.

HCP asked for contribution to L&T story. 

I remembered that my retirement farewell speech could form one such a story. 

My farewell speech was by me / my wife (who attended the function) and my son (it was read out as he could not attend)


Anil Choudhari



Request to edit it is you feel necessary (remove retirement part and of course the photographs).

HCP's Note : Sorry ! I don't know how to attach those lovely photos 


 The speech goes thus....

I have attended so many retirement functions earlier.

I never thought that my turn will come so quickly. Time flies.

I remember during my GET days, Mr. K L Kantan (Production Manager then) had taken me to LR 1 canteen (meant for senior management) which was a privilege those days. 

I had asked him how he has spent 15 long years in L&T then. Having spent 5 to 7 years in primary school, secondary school, Fergusson College and then COEP, I never knew that I will ever spend 37 long years in L&T.

Working with L&T to me, has been both fun and a learning experience. 

Good thing about L&T is that, you remain in company of above average people. 

This, I think positively impacted my life. 

Another take away from L&T has been training - both, technical and behavioral. 

Third – Freedom of work and take decisions independently and lastly my posting abroad as business head in China and Malaysia.

I remember having put a "Tick" on production function on L&T employment application form, against wishes of my father who wanted me to be a designer like him. 

Today I think I had taken right decision. Production offered me leadership position with 100 persons reporting to me almost on day one. 

This is one function which has privilege of interaction & learning with almost all the functions right from s&m, logistics, HR, accounts to security, safety. I was directly part of most of the initiatives including TQM, Lean, Six Sigma, ISO, VE and value drivers. 

These helped me a great deal later, in performing independently and tackle the challenges while working abroad. 

Your bosses also have lot of influence on you. I learnt a lot from my bosses, PK Talpade, SK Dadlani and Ajit Singh. Each one had his own USPs.

Working abroad in China , Malaysia was a great learning experience. It was a great challenge to work independently, head P&L, deal with cultural differences and legal, banking and local government.

Acceptability of "Made in India" brand should improve over next 10 years or so, like "Made in Japan" in 50s and "Made in China" in recent times. 

We need to utilise this time to be ready with contemporary product range. 

Mr Bhargava, Mr Bajaj have already initiated steps to promote innovation and place managers abroad closer to customers. However we need to offer total solutions and learn respond without follow up. Our managers across all functions need to be more networked than ever before.

I think L&T has good future locally as well. 

The Government's infrastructure & defence agenda promises huge business opportunity for L&T and EAIC.

Lately I have been able to interact with IIT & IIM students at interviews and I see lot of potential. 

We need to overcome our shortcoming and inculcate global habits namely to adhere to delivery committments and not to expect "follow up". Especially globally this is looked down upon and does lead to loss of orders. Besides, this takes away lot of resources.

At L&T we are not new to facing challenges. 

Challenges, of ever changing business environment, remaining contemporary and innovative.

 Routine challenges of achieving strategic plan to annual & monthly targets. They could be achieving sales, profitability, controlling inventory, improving productivity or introducing a new products.

After retirement, the challenges will be that every day will be mine. The routine will stop. Company will not decide my day. I will decide. 

It has both positives and negatives. Positives are that I am free to do whatever I feel like. I can travel, teach, start my own business or just relax. 

On negative side, I can become lazy. My accountability is now in my hands. I have long list of activities. Clichéd Consultancy is not part of this list, working for NGO ranks high.

I wrote my last paper of engineering on 25th May and joined L&T on 1st June 1978. 

Frankly I never wanted to join L&T simply because the posting was in Mumbai. 

Pune guys don't like Mumbai. L&T approached COEP 1st and I got selected. Thus I lost my chance to appear for other Pune based companies (like TELCO) and eventually remained with L&T for 36 long years. 

It has been great to work for L&T, a company where integrity, ethics, values and empowerment form your foundation and further gets reflected in your personal life as well. 

I started from a vernacular language school in a village with 15000 population. I will attribute my success to positive attitude and doing everything with passion.

My wife Sushma has been great support and inspiration. She works for SBI, active member of Chinmay mission, runs three Geeta group classes, visits underprivileged homes for philanthropy.

 Jokingly I say that, since marriage, due to busy life, we have been meeting at home daily for an hour or two.

We have a son who has did MS and works in a start up at Bangalore. He has also sent one message for the occasion which Sushma will read out later.

Everyone goes through competition from childhood, when he or she is 5 years old that is from 1st standard then in entire school and college tenure. All these years you are expected to perform - top in your class, sports and hobbies. 

Lot of expectations. Afterwards, in business or service, you are pushed to move up the ladder. After retirement, all this suddenly stops. 

No one will ask you to perform now. This the time you may become complacent and lazy. This can trigger ill health and memory loss. You need to take care of this.

However, I have been actually looking forward to this day. I am 58 and have only 42 years (or lesser depending on how long mind and body co-operates). 

Lot has to be done. For me, it's not retirement. It is only change in life style. 

Even today, I try to remain in sync with latest technology and ahead of younger generation. 

I am now active on couch surfing, Quora and blogging. 

I am lucky to have large many hobbies. I intend to pursue few of them now. 

I want to do oil on canvas. I want to learn key board. I intend to watch NBA, Wimbledon and FIFA - live. 

I am now member of another L&T – Learning & Training group. 

I will be working with JNU & municipal schools to conduct training programme to motivate children to remove their inferiority complex, top in exam and succeed in life. 

Lastly, I want to do globetrotting …Living with Tibetan monks, Travel Trans Saiberian, Stay in an IGLOO, See Northern lights, Visit The great Barrier Reef and home stay across the world.

L&T has been a great company to work for. 

In 1978, I would never have imagined that I will spend 37 long years of my life here. 

All in all, working with L&T & all of you has been enriching experience. I will always cherish these memories.

I wish L&T and all of you success in future. All the best !!!

Thank You.

Retirement speech by Sushma for me at L&T 

I am thankful to you for inviting me for my husband's retirement function.

My association with L&T started in 1983 when we were married. 

In 1984 I was invited by L&T to attend a training programme. I remember visiting bottle crown caps factory at Gate 1 and having nice lunch at canteen.

Those days Anil used to be either in some work shop or shop floor. Work shop in Sanskrit is "संस्कार शिबिर ". And shop floor is "प्रशिक्षण केंद्र".

Life is like a work shop and relationship with people is a practice ground where you have to develop yourselves. (विकास साधना). 

One can do this with force (बल पूर्वक) or (प्रेम पूर्वक) to attain (परिवर्तन) Love to reform.

L&T, for me is not only Larsen & Toubro but more than that…

The values ingrained in us by the two leaders.

L&T is – with Love you Transform.

L&T is – a Law of focus and Tool to reach the Target.

L&T is – a Legend which helps you to Transcend to be above all.

L&T is – a Leader and a Teacher.

L&T is – all about Learning & Training.

L&T is – a Laboratory of innovation & Technology creation.

L&T is – a Light house & a Torch bearer.

L&T is – a Link between knowledge and skill to achieve the Task effectively.

L&T is – a company which teaches Looking forward and Team building.

L&T is – Lightening and Thunderbolt.

L&T is – Lion's roar and Tiger's attack

L&T is – all about Laying foundation for future Torch bearers.

L&T is – about planting Lotus (denoting peace and prosperity) and Tulips (denoting being environment friendly).

While we bid adieu to L&T, I feel that L&T has helped us in five levels of life.

शारिरिक स्वास्थ्य : To remain physically healthy and fit.

कौटुंबिक स्वास्थ्य : To cultivate happiness within own and L&T families.

आर्थिक स्वास्थ्य : To achieve financial stability

सामाजिक स्वास्थ्य : To be socially caring

आध्यात्मिक स्वास्थ्य : To be spiritually strong and be blessed with divine guidance.

I conclude this function with prayers.

ॐ | यज्ञेन यज्ञमयजन्त देवास्तानि धर्माणि प्रथमान्यासन् |

ते ह नाकं महिमानः सचन्त यत्र पूर्वे साध्याः सन्ति देवाः |I

  • Let this workshop turn to worship.

  • Let this organization prosper hundred fold.

  • I pray, my thanks to the grace of lord for keeping me associated with this great organisation.

  •  Let the blessings always shower on the two legends Larsen & Toubro.

Retirement message sent on Whatsapp by Mr. Anupam (my son) for me

Like & Love – What's the difference they ask ?

Socrates' answer was a masterpiece.

"When you LIKE a flower, you just pluck it".

"When you LOVE a flower, you water it daily".

My dad waters every good thing that comes his way.

He cherishes every moment & experience and preserves them.

He is not spontaneous. He is not the "live in the moment" types.

But, he is of a "Love for a lifetime" types.

He doesn't just make friends., he builds families for himself.

Larsen & Toubro has been, one such a family that he has put his love and life into.

He doesn't know it yet or maybe he wouldn't admit it, but he is going to miss this family for sure!

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