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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 8 December 2015



( Contributor : Atul  Shah  )


Dear L&T family :

I am not as good writer as you all but wish to try as HCP  has suggested.

My introduction for those who do not know me...

I am Atul R Shah

Joined in PSW/SMD as GET in 1982 batch under great bosses like PG Utagikar, R Radhakrishnan, LN Jasani, RC Agarwal, UA Prabhudesai and MP Shetty. 

Have learnt a lot from them.

In SMD I was in Raw Material group, procuring high value items like Silver and Copper. 

PSW had embarked upon TQM and ISO 9000 journey in early 1990.

I am thankful to PD Joshi  for selecting me in Lead Assessor team for implementing ISO 9000 across Group III, as I had got certified by BVQI sponsored by our great company and further got trained "hands on" by HT Mehta. 

His application of ISO 9000 knowledge was excellent which helped us to successfully overcome many roadblocks on the way to certification after passing very stringent audit by BVQI. 

I think it was in 2004.

I was fully involved in driving the implementation having conducted more than 100 internal audits for ISO 9000 and was not at all involved in TQM.


One evening, I was going back home with HR Shenoy and a colleague (do not remember his name) 

They both were talking about TQM. 

After about 15 minutes of their conversation, HR Shenoy realized that I was just quietly listening and trying in vain to understand. 

So he just invited my comment. 

I said, “ I could not understand anything " 

HR Shenoy laughed heartily and remarked something like this... 

“ ISO and TQM are so very different in content, terminology and all " 

He later on shared this incident at all relevant occasions, with courtesy of informing me. 

HR Shenoy may improvise this story.

Later on when Group III started implementing SAP in 1998 / 99 , I was selected to be in core team. 

I am obliged to LN Jasani forever for that opportunity which took my career on a new path of SAP Consulting. 

Currently I am in TCS, heading delivery of SAP projects in India-West and East. 

There are some stories of SAP project in PSW,  Will share those too. 

I revere pleasant memories of L&T and miss the family a lot. 

I proudly keep saying to all (you got to believe that)  it was awesome to work in L&T because the people were great in all respect. 

Knowledge, skill, attitude, dedication and discipline. 

 I realized it more after leaving L&T. 


Best Regards

Atul Shah

Cell 9867507237


HCP's remarks :

I have taken the liberty of deleting all references like " Sir " , in order , not to embarrass the characters involved

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