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27 June 2013

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Corporate Governance

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Nowadays , there is a lot of talk about " Corporate Governance "

Essentially meaning , how Company Directors should abide by the laws of the land and always act in the interest of the stake-holders

Nothing would illustrate this desirable corporate philosophy better than the following incidence

I believe , it was sometimes in the 80s that Mr Holck Larsen ( HHL ) ceased to be the Executive Chairman of L&T

He was re-designated as " Chairman Emeritus "

About a year after that , one Monday , Mr S R Subramaniam ( SRS  ) , walked into my cabin and asked :

"  Parekh ,

Is Powai Transport Department ( PTR ) , servicing / repairing HHL's car ?  "

I said :

"  Yes of course !

On Mondays when all Directors are in Powai for CMC meeting , their drivers take the cars to PTR , for repairs / servicing "

Then knowing SRS's " love for details " , I immediately added ,

" But PTR has Job-Cars  for all these cars where cost of materials and labour hours spent , are meticulously recorded and sent to Accounts Department "

Now it was SRS's turn :

"  Parekh ,

HHL ceased to be an Executive Director , about a year back 

His terms of appointment as Chairman Emeritus , does NOT cover repair / servicing of his car by the Company . He is not entitled for that "

I said ,

" I am sorry but I was not aware of this condition . Now , if you wish , I can just get the Job-Card re-written in the number of one of the Company Cars . Also ensure that this does not happen in future "

SRS agreed re the future course of action but as far as the past one year record was concerned , he said , he will call me back

And after a couple of days , he did :

" Parekh ,

There is no need to reverse those entries on the Job-Card of HHL's car , which amounted to an expenditure of Rs 73,000 / -

Yesterday , HHL has sent to L&T , a cheque for that amount from his personal bank account

He did not want anyone of us to do something that is illegal "

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