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27 June 2013

Thursday, 17 December 2015

On Merits Only

( Contributor  :  hcp  )

At some time or other , many of us received from our seniors , bio-datas ( that was before we started calling these , " Resumes " ) of candidates looking for jobs in L&T

Invariably , the senders scribbled on those papers :

"  To be considered on merits only "

I am reminded of one time when Mr Holck Larsen ( HHL ) sent me an application from a young girl , for a job in Christensen Longyear ( CLIL )

It seems , her father was a musician who lived on Madh Island , where HHL had a week-end residence . HHL knew this poor jobless man , who had 6/7 children and struggled to feed his family

I sent the application to G J Sampat ( GJS ) , who was Production Manager for Bit Plant

GJS and AMD ( A M Deshmukh , who looked after Madh personnel matters ) interviewed this girl , who claimed she had passed SSC but did not attach a copy of her SSC mark sheet , by way of proof

When she promised to produce it in course of time , AMD issued her an appointment letter

When she failed to produce it despite several reminders over the next few weeks , AMD visited her school in Madh

School principal said , she had never appeared for SSC exam  !

As far as her work was concerned , GJS was quite happy

But L&T rules required that , even for an Unskilled position , applicants must have passed SSC

When this was brought to my notice , I phoned Mrs M L Tavares ( HHL's secretary ) and asked her to let me speak with HHL

When I narrated the background to HHL , he simply said :

"  Parekh , let her go ! "

Incidentally , I do not know how many of you are aware what caused the introduction of the following rule in L&T :

No son / daughter of an L&T employee ( who is at a level of DGM or above ), can be employed in L&T , no matter how meritorious 

This came about when Mr S K Toubro's son desired to join L&T

Must be late 50s 

That is when HHL and SKT , introduced that rule , to ensure that there was no nepotism in L&T

I hope this rule still holds   


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