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27 June 2013

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Ace Salesman

Ace  Salesman

(  Contributor : hcp )


When I imagine India's Ambassadors / Consuls / Trade Commissioners , as India's ACE SALESMEN , following incidence comes to my mind :

Some 35 years ago , when I was General Manager ( Powai Works  ) ,  I had an opportunity to host a lunch for the Commerce Minister of Canada

After lunch , the Minister pulled out 4 / 5 small , neatly labeled glass bottles from his brief case

Each bottle contained samples of crude oil from different oil fields of Canada

Minister went on to explain :

*      Chemical Composition / Specific Gravity /  Quality of each sample ( eg:  Sulfur content / Sweet / Sour  etc )

*      Daily Output of each field ( Barrels / day )

*      Spot Market prices / Long Term Contract rates

*      Delivery Commitments.... etc

Then , he went ahead to distribute to L&T executives present , brochures of private Canadian Companiesf, engaged in exploration / production of Crude Oil in Canada

And answered every single question with the knowledge of an ace SALESMAN of those companies !

There was no doubt , he firmly believed that his primary job while travelling abroad , was to " SELL  CANADA " !

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