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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

L&T Food

L&T   Food

( Contributor  :  Arvindakshan  V  )


When you talk about the Canteen, I also want to share my experience.
When I joined in 1979, our canteen was the best ( I don't want to say it is bad now ). 
For 65 paise, we used to get special lunch, chicken and full palmphret  ( spell check ) fried etc. 
 I was a bachelor before marriage and I used to eat like a wolf.  Believe it or not, I put on 10 kg weight in 6 months (probation) and I am still struggling to shed that plus extra added to it.
Probably this was the reason, L&T introduced "Economy Drive" and slashed no. of days for Non-Veg, which totally stopped later, of course " in the interest of the health of employee ".

As told by Aravind, L&T was a male dominated company then and later on the trend changed and it is very colourful now.  We used to anxiously wait for the traditional day, Dassera etc. for breaking the monotony.
All said and done nobody  fell sick eating  L&T food and those who stayed with the company (who had no bad company) retired after 30 or 35 years of service and in good health.
Jai Ho.



HCP's comments :

I remember , one day , after having lunch at the Lunch Cottage , I was walking down the hill with Mr Holck Larsen

Suddenly , he asked me :

Parekh ,

" Do you know the best benefit that Company provides to our employees ? "

I hesitated since I wanted to hear from him 

Then , after a pause , he added :

" It is the subsidized lunch that we give . It is real value for what the workmen pay "

I replied :

Yes Sir ,

It costs the Company , over Rs 10 , and the workmen pay only Rs 0.65 !

This was probably , 1982 

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