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27 June 2013

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Toubro 's Wisdom

( Contributor : hcp )


Year was , may be , 1960 or 61

G Ramkrishna ( GR ) was my boss

I was sitting with GR , in his cabin , discussing some production issues

In walked , Mr S K Toubro , unannounced

Out of courtesy , I started standing up

SKT just waved to me to sit down , as he pulled up a chair for himself

After inquiring how production was shaping up , he suddenly turned to me and said :

"  Parekh ,

In Switchgear factory , do we have any engineers having no work ? "

I was nonplussed  , puzzled , lost to grasp the meaning !

I said :

" Sir , absolutely not .

  How is that possible  ? Every engineer is neck-deep in work "

The , he quietly said :

"  We should always have some engineers with no work - that is , with no boss-defined jobs

Their only duty should be to roam around the factory and the offices , observing what exactly our employees are doing - and how 

And figure out what is ' wrong ' with the way they are doing their work

Then come up with ideas / suggestions , on how those work-processes can be improved to do a better / faster job

And then go ahead and implement their own ideas / suggestions

We must have such freelancers who are always looking for ways to do more work for less effort  "

This was years before " Productivity Improvement " became a popular management jargon !

And years before Google introduced for its engineers , that now famous , 

"  20 percent " rule ,

under which , every employee of Google is free to set aside 20 % of his working hours , to pursue any project he can think up  , without boss's knowledge  !

Soren Toubro was a visionary of an extra-ordinary stature  !

Incidentally , he was the only person among our Directors , who responded to my wedding invitation 


13  Dec  2015

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