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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Tale of Two Managers

These incidences happened during the early 60s 

That was when offices in Powai used to work for half-day on Saturday

On one such Saturday , my wife Bharati and some of my friends decided to visit Powai Gardens for a picnic

In those days , the Main Gate of the garden was right opposite our Gate # 1

Having reached Powai garden , a friend in the group said :

While we are here , why don't we visit L&T factory and see what Parekh is doing ?

Of course , the watchman at the gate said , they needed permission from Mr KSS Mani , who happened to be the Administrative Manager at Powai

So Bharati rang me up from the gate and asked whether I could get the required permission

I walked over to KSS's cabin and explained the background ( Powai Picnic ) and asked for his permission for my friends / wife to come inside

KSS said:

" Sorry , company rules do not allow for families to visit the employees while at work ; nor visit any part of the factory "

After considerable persuasion , he agreed to admit 2 visitors at a time

After visit , when those 2 returned to the gate , another 2 can come in  !

When I conveyed this decision to my wife , she refused to accept such an " invite "  !

The friends waited in the garden till the offices closed and I could join them

A few years later , my parents were visiting me in Mumbai 

My father wanted to see where I work and asked if they could accompany me to Powai , one of these days

I mentioned this to my boss, Bjorn Petersen

He said : " Of course , please bring them to my office when they are here "

So , when they arrived , I took them to BjP's cabin

He welcomed them and promptly offered them some tea !

After tea , I told BjP that I will like to show them around the factory

BjP said :

" Parekh ,

  You carry on with your work

  I will show your parents around PSW and the rest of Powai "

Some years later , when I had  job offer for the position of Production Manager in the Switchgear factory of Siemens , my father recalled his visit to Powai and said,

"  Son , Will your German boss in Siemens be as nice as Petersen ? "

Many years later , when I was GM - Powai , someone had introduced a system of Powai visits by families of employees , once a month 

On a few of these visits , I showed the families around Powai Estate

On a number of such visits , I used to meet the family members in the Conference hall , for a cup of tea

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  1. Well. One struck to the rules made by someone; later someone else made the rules.