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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Retired / but not tired !

Retired /  but  not  tired  !

(  Contributor  :  R  K  Seth  )


Dear HCP & all others,

Greetings !

HRS added me recently to this wonderful group, and I thank him for the same.

I think many of you may remember me through my association with PSW mainly between 1979 to 1984 regarding Source Development activities. I would briefly present my journey through this great company:
  • I worked in SDC and CMD from 1979 to 2000, under HCP, KC, WJND, KK, PRK, UAP etc
  • In Sept 2000 deputed to L&T Infotech, confirmed as Head Corporate Purchase in April, 2001.

  • Retired from L&T Infotech in Dec 2009, after 2 years extension.

What I am mainly thankful  is that L&T, even after my retirement, continued to give me assignments for next 4 years:

  • Feb 1010 - One year retainership contract in L&T Infotech. I left with bag & baggage in Feb 2011.

  • Feb 2011 - Mr D B Raju recalled me to give another one year contract in L&T Realty Pvt Ltd (Gate No. 5). I had to establish Contract & Purchase Dept and implement SAP.

  • Jan 2012 - L&T Infotech recalled me and sent abroad to Norway for an assignment on Software Licence Contract Management with one of their clients for 4.1/2 months.

  • June 2013 - L&T Infotech called me again and sent abroad to Sweden for a similar assignment for 5.1/2 months.

Presently I am a Freelance Corporate Trainer for Supply Chain, Quality Systems, Leadership etc and based in Mumbai.

At this moment I would like to share a poem (attached) - "दिलकहता हैरुक जाऊँ मैं " - which I wrote in Feb 2011 while leaving L&T after 31 years.  

I remember tears came to my eyes while composing and  rendering this poem, it has been such a memorable and marvelous journey through a great company L&T. Please enjoy it.


R K Seth

Ph: 98211 72644


HCP's note :

Despite my best efforts , I could not manage to paste here , that beautiful poem of RK

But , I am not giving up !


दिल कहता हैरुक जाऊँ मैं                           अवकाशग्रहण

31 वर्ष की मधुर यात्रारही बड़ी सुहानी
कभी चली धीमे-से,  कभी रही द्रुतगामी
अब तो राह बदलनी हैदिल कहता हैरुक जाऊँ मैं

ज्ञान का समुन्दर हैतकनीकी का प्रांगण
अनुभव सिखाता पल-पलविस्तार ये एक आंगन
कर्मठता की ज्योत जली यहाँ परदिल कहता हैरुक जाऊँ मैं

आधा जीवन दिया है तुझको
पर पूरा जीवन मिला है मुझको
जीने की राह दिखाई हैदिल कहता हैरुक जाऊँ मैं

कितना कुछ किया है हासिल
बहुत कुछ फिर भी है बाकी
तन-मन में उमंगअब भी कितनी है बाकीदिल कहता हैरुक जाऊँ मैं

जो साथ चले वह अपने थे
कुछ रूठ गये वह भी अपने थे
मित्रों का अगाह समुन्दरदिल कहता हैरुक जाऊँ मैं                     राज सेठ,  03फरवरी, 2011


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