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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Confidence in Subordinates

Confidence  in  Subordinates

( Contributor : Suniti Desai )


Dear Mr. Parekh

To re-iterate the friendly working atmosphere at L&T and not an attitude of "I am the boss and you better do what I tell you", the confidence our superiors had in the subordinates I would like to share my experience.  

This was the time when Mr. S. R. Subrmaniam became GM (Personnel).  I was mainly looking after increments and promotions of staff (All India).

There was a very very urgent and very very confidential circular to be cyclostyled.  I forget now what it was about. 

 He called me to his cabin and told me it was urgent as well as confidential and should not, under any circumstance go to the wrong hands. 

Then he asked me where I would have it done and I said at the Powai printing press. 

He looked at me and said "Send it to L&T House and get it done by Mr. Turner".

I waited for a minute, debated whether i should muster up  courage to give him my opinion. 

Finally i said :

" Mr. Subramaniam,

Sending this all the way to L&T House and getting it back will take a full day.

What guarantee that someone may not open it (and when things are marked "Strictly confidential" it arouses curiosity). 

Just as you have faith in Mr. Turner, I have faith in Christopher ( In-charge printing section). 

If you want I will take it myself, get it done and bring it back without leaving a copy at the printing press ( it was printing press' custom to keep one copy of whatever they printed or cyclostyled )." 

He looked at me for a second, smiled and said " OK ".

He had the confidence in his subordinate ( much lower down in the hierarchy ).

This was the greatness in all our "bosses"

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